Originality and Creativity is a good way to define what I do and how I do it. At a time when all disciplines meet, I look for how each project can be real and appropriate to the client. I offer the ability to propose and execute designs, websites and everything you need to complete a creative filter exist and fulfil its function. The services can be found here broadly fall in: Graphic Design and Corporate Image.



Graphic design can be considered as a communication tool and strategy. I use graphic design as a means of communication and expression through graphic design we can convey a message or concept with symbols, graphics, text, images and colours.

The preliminary analysis of the project is essential when tackling any job, later defined strategy to follow. We must be very clear that we want to communicate, by what means and media have and the constraints they impose on us.

At the same time we have to know and pay attention to the type of audience that is expected to hit the post and the most important aspects of it that we emphasize that communication is as favourable as possible.

Graphic design is painstaking work of observation and analysis that have to care even the smallest details are probably the most important and those that make the difference becoming more significant project. In graphic design we develop the following areas of specialization:


Corporate identity is the representation or image that a viewer has an organization or a company, it is not just the company logo, corporate identity is the image that the company transferred abroad and representing us as spectators we make of it. The corporate identity encompasses both tangible aspects such as logo design and corporate graphic design (visual representation), its symbol or logo, typefaces, colours, corporate stationery, elements of internal and external communications, advertising, protocol, enterprise architecture etc., and intangible aspects, such as the philosophy of the organization or company, its mission and values.

Today more than ever, companies, organizations, etc. need to take action to help create an image of them attractive, modern and attractive while socially engaged, corporate social responsibility is also an important element to emphasize in organizations today which also forms part of the overall identity project corporate organization.

It is a challenge to capture the above aspects, many abstract concepts that define a company or organization in different materials or objects tangibles that make up its name (naming) and visual or graphic (logo). At work we call corporate image or logo design and corporate design we try to develop a line of coherent objects perceivable shapes and colours in a clear, consistent and concrete by the public from virtual concepts or ideas that at first are only in the mind. The services we do corporate identity are:

- Logo design

- Naming, Creating names, Verbal Identity *

- Branding. Developing branding projects. Strategic Brand Consulting

- Corporate Design, Image Design business, corporate image design

- Corporate Design Manual

- Design of corporate stationery, design documents, corporate forms and forms

* Branding, procedure to register the name of a company or product.

The patent and trademark law is not equal to that available to register Internet domain names. Consequently, it is advisable to record the outcome of a process of naming or the name of our company or product in the registration of patents and trademarks in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office



In our design studio, we have a basic counselling through which we pay the counselling service and processing (Registration) trade names, trademarks, patents and industrial designs.


When we refer to "patent" must know that only what has a technical effect such inventions, the rest, trademarks, trade names and designs are patented, not patented but are recorded.




With the help of a good briefing we define and break down all the need of the customer and we will take note of it.


Once we have all the graphics and needs of the client began one of the most important steps is none other than that of seeking the necessary information and document ourselves from everything that can help us to begin the process.

3. IDEA.

Thus we begin to develop documented brainstorming and initial sketches.


Once we have the idea defined and started performing sketches necessary to prosecute and the final design.


We develop the chosen sketches and starting the design process with attention to colour, typography, etc.


It is the process in which we apply the design to all those who have asked us the client and prepare for possible reproduction and / or needs it.


Already done all the above processes, including printing and publishing a website is finished work and make the delivery.